Tuesday, November 14, 2006


DONUTS!!!! Is there anything they can't do???

Ahhh the wisdom of Homer Simpson.

I've been watching my wedding video over and over and over this week, and I've noticed a few things about some of Rob's and my friends. They're donuts!! (this is a compliment!) They can do ANYTHING!!!

Sing, play an instrument, both, dance, are smart, creative, generous, fun to be around, genuinely good friends, can give advice, can speak at length to a crowd on any subject practically and still make it sound really interesting, can make people smile, laugh, cheer them up, are teachers sharing their wealth of knowledge and intelligence, help people on a day to day basis, can speak multiple languages.......... "Is there anything these people can't do," Rob asked me the other day???? "I don't think so," I said. "They can do pretty much anything I think. They're DONUTS!!!!"

So I 've decided to call these people donuts. A few friends that we have that are so versitile, so great at everything they try, are they perfect?? I dunno. But as Homer says, "Is there ANYTHING they can't do???" So, they're donuts. Yummy!!!

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