Thursday, December 21, 2006

Tefillin Barbie

Some may not agree, but I thought it was pretty cool.


steg said...

she's a friend of mine from israel ;-)

ADS said...

That is so incredibly funny. 'specially the Daf Yomi one.
Just for the record, being an observant Ortho-Jew, doing the daf and such, I'd like to state that most of those doll pictures are completely permissable. There's nothing that forbids a woman from doing most of that, but there has to be context and appropriateness in the actions. Can a woman learn the daf? Well, there are machlokes about it, but they are large groups of poskim that say they can learn it in a woman's study group. Some even say that co-ed is permissible, but not that many. Can a woman do hagbah? Sure, in a woman's minyan. I know the dolls, keeping with the Barbie image, as supposed to represent that women can do anything that men can do and shouldn't be repressed, and I agree with that, but respect for religion should be taken, and the opposite not flaunted. So as long as the dolls are used responsible, I don't see a problem.

Carie :) said...

Thanks, I think.... I wasn't asking anyones permission, or saying things were right or wrong, or that women can do whatever men can do, I just saw it and thought it was cute, fun, and pretty cool. I believe that anyone can do whatever they believe is right and whatever they believe is proper, and that means different things for different people. Would I wear tefillin or do hagbah? No. I don't personally fee; comfortable with it. But I know many who do and I think that's great. And I think women who don't do these things are great too. I'm a pretty tolerant kinda gal.

What I do think is really great about this Barbie is that it encourages young Jewish girls, or adult Jewish women for that matter, of any age to become involved with and learned in their religion, teach them the improtance of their heritage and to be proud of that. I think many girls would be afraid of such things because of certain societal standards some people have, and repress their desires to learn and participate in Judiasm, and that can lead to more than so much else, a desire to leave Judiasm behind altogether because they feel so restricted. I love the fact that it shows and encourages that you can be religious and proud and involved no matter who you are and what sex you may be.

ADS said...

No one was saying it was wrong OR asking your permission. Just a 'drive by' blog comment.