Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Slight Changes

I upgraded to Blogger Beta and their new template format HTML system thing I tried to get things looking pretty much the way they were, I like the color scheme etc, I had to do some HTML color fiddling. Biggest change is my info on the LEFT. The template I had was minima but there was one called minima lefty. I'm a lefty, I had to use it :) Maybe I'll start BLOGging more often again.....

Two posts in one day... I'm sick. Stayed home from work so now I'm laying around sniffling and coughing and keeping myself entertained, or at least trying. I was off a good part of last week for Shavuot and packing and then we went away to VT for Memorial Day Weekend, somewhere around Thursday i got sick, sre throat, stuffy head, runny nose, the works. So it was a laying around sick in VT weekend instead of laying arond sick in CT. (Wow, I almst wrote NY, sitll not used to living in CT, or still won't admt to it anyway...) I don't like laying around sick for all of those days, it makes me feel useless and lazy, especially when there's SO much stuff I need to do, packing and cleaning and all that stuff. We're closing on our condo tomorrow, lookingforward to it, but not not while not feeling well. Hopefully I'll feel somewhat betterer by Thursday and can go to work and get people out of bed and feel useful and not lazy.

Ok I'm rambling. I think I need a nap.

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