Sunday, June 17, 2007

18 Things I Love about my New Home (in no particular order)

1) The built in bookcase that takes up the WHOLE wall on the landing from the first floor to the second floor staircase from the floor all the way to the second floor ceiling.

2) A bigger kitchen! Which means SPACE! Space to cook, space to bake, space to move, and best of all, space to open my refrigerator door all the way open if I need to!

3) The BLUE WALL in my kitchen!

4) The picture window wherer I'm putting my herb garden in my new bigger kitchen!

5) The ability to paint walls any color I want instead of leaving them just plain white! (See above, my SUPERGROVER BLUE wall!)

6) Light, Light, Light, Light, Light, Light! This place gets a lot of good LIGHT! and I love good sunlight!

7) A finished "basement"! (The basement is only half underground because the condo is on a hill, so one end is sort of underground an the other end walks right out onto ground level.)

8) The Wet bar in the basement with sliders out to my postage stamp sized backyard.

9) The room in the finished "basement" that actually gets a lot of light so I can paint down there! And it's right by the wet bar so I have a sink to use for my watercolors!

10) The postage stamp sized backyard where I can grow tomatoes! And have just enough room to make a Sukkah!

11) Space to have people over! (Once I have a dining room table that is...)

12) A fireplace!

13) A second bathroom! (I've NEVER EVER EVER had one of those!)

14) A second Bedroom!

15) Walking distance to shul! Whoo Hoo!!

16) More closet space.

17) A gas oven and range. I hate cooking with electric. Gas is much easier to fine tune and control.

18) It's alllll ours!!!!

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