Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Moved in!

But not unpacked. No where NEAR unpacked. Still buried in boxes. But hey, I have more space for all those boxes.

Our first night in our new home, we climb into bed, exhausted, I turn out the lights and suddenly I hear "HOLY SH**T!!!!" from Rob, and I look up and see that the previous owner or the one before him, I don't know, had splattered glow in the dark paint on the ceiling so it looks like stars. No pattern or constellations, just random splatters of paint. But it kinda looks like your looking up at a galaxy or something. It was pretty cool and weird looking all at the same time! Rob and I were hysterical for like 10 minutes over it. Who knew??? No one had said anything to us and we just found out on our first night, the first time we turned out the lights. So we have no clue how far this goes back, which previous owner did it, but it's so funny! We don't love it, but then again, we don't hate it enough to bother painting over the ceiling. So I guess I'll have stars to look at before I go to sleep from now on... :)

Okey, time to go do more unpacking. Just thought I'd share something funny from my first few days in my new home. TEE HEE!!

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