Wednesday, July 04, 2007

4th of July

Wanting to say a quickie something before I head out, WHY did I volunteer to work today???
  Someone remind me???  Oh yeah, so I can get paid holiday time on a Wednesday and not 
use a PTO day...  THAAATs right.  Doesn't help that I'm up early and my husband is sleeeeeeeping away.

Anyway, my July 4th message.  PLEASE be careful with any home fireworks, or even better, don't use anything more @ home past sparklers.  (I grew up in NYC where anything more than that is illegal so I find it weird to find fireworks stands selling all sorts of stuff on the streets)  But I worked on a burn unit for 2 years and I know enough from that experience to know that these fireworks, even the "legal" ones at the stands are DANGEROUS.  I had one patient who was holding one, not lit yet or anything, and it randomly exploded in his hand.  He was lucky to survive and even luckier to still have his hand at the end of the ordeal.

And on a summertime get together especially today, a BBQ warning, BE CAREFUL!  I've seen too many people with burns from BBQ's, because they weren't careful let alone being just plain dumb.  Pouring lighter fluid on a hot propane BBQ, NOT a good idea.... 

Ok, and while I'm sending out warnings, I also spent a summer working on a rehab unit for patients with spinal cord injuries (paraplegics, quadriplegics etc) AND I've worked with a ton of brain injury patients also so with THAT knowledge, don't drink and drive or drink and dive (into a pool) for that matter, don't let friends do them either, WEAR YOUR SEAT BELTS!!!  and take care with a motorcycle, and ALWAYS wear a helmet no matter WHAT the law says that you can.  It's NOT safe.  Trust me.

Anyway, I don't mean to sound like an alarmist, but I just want everyone to have a safe and happy holiday, and safe and happy and serious injury free lives.  

Ok, time to go drag,   oops, did I say drag,  I mean HELP people out of bed....  BYEEEEE!!!! 

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