Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Two of the Day's Patients :)

I had a very cute, very confused old man today. He had a knee replacement, and the anesthesia after effects were playing with his mind. Apparantly he was agitiated and combative last night, but he was cute with me this morning.  Confused, but cute.  And those can be the best kind of patient to have.  Entertaining and cooperative.  At first he didn’t want therapy because he "just had knee surgery."  So I told him that everyone has therapy after knee surgery and that if we didn’t do therapy, his knee wouldn’t get better. Which I guess essentially is true. So we’re doing the  exercises and he tells me that he’s glad he’s doing exercise. “It’s good for me, because you know, if I don’t exercise, I won’t get better!” And it wasn’t sarcasm, he genuinely didn’t quite remember me telling him that. When I told him I knew that, and I’m glad he was glad, he was shocked. How do you know that??? Because I’m a therapist, it’s my job to know!

Theeeeeen he started in with the jokes. Confused, silly, somewhat dirty jokes. What did the elephant say to the naked man? How do you breathe out of that thing??? Why don't witches have children? Because their husbands are hallo-weenies.
Oh yeah, and then the corny ones. He asked me if I play golf, I told him no.  So he asked me if I knew anyone who played golf. I said I did, and he asked me who. I told him my father-in-law plays golf a lot. (actually it's Rob's mother's husband, so I guess that would make him my step-father-in-law. But it was easier to just say my father-in-law) Anyway, I digress. So the patient told me to tell my father-in-law to wear 2 pairs of pants the next time he goes golfing. I asked why? And he told me "Because he might get a hole in one" OY!
I also had a really sweet lady this afternoon.  When I asked her who she lives with, she told me "If I make it until October, my husband and I will be celebrating our 60th Wedding Anniversary!"  Wow.  That's really cool.  I told her that if I make it to October I'll be celebrating my 1st Wedding Anniversary, so I guess I had a long ways to catch up.  :)  She laughed and then started telling me all about her husband.  It was pretty cute, except that I didn't have the time to listen to her talk on and on and on.  We did have to get moving and walk.  I like to let them talk, it makes them feel better and all that but then again I have a schedule of patients too.  I usually compromise and try to converse during the treatment.  But she was sweet.  Also a bit confused and forgetful, I heard the same stores 3 times in 20 minutes, but sweet.  And VERY feisty.  It was an entertaining mix.  :)

And those were my 2 favorite patients of the day.  :)

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