Monday, January 03, 2011

Day Off

Today I had the day off.  New Years Day fell out on a weekend this year so my company gave us a weekday off to make up for it.  MOST companies gave out New Years Eve, but we got today.  Which was ok.  Day Care was open and Rob was also off so Rob and I got to spend the day together alone!  A definite rare treat.

We ran some errands which wasn't restful but useful and needed to get done, and got some laundry done, and today was cleaning woman day so the house is clean.  YAY!  BEST $$ we spend!  I LOVE cleaning woman day!  I don't know how we survived without cleaning woman day!  Granted our Tasmanian Toddler will create a mess the second she walks in the door, but YAY for a little bit of cleanliness!

We were doing some errands in Stamford and had lunch.  We've been wanting to try this relatively new Vegetarian Indian place Navaratna - which now has Kosher supervision, another YAY!  I've known about this place for awhile from friends, but haven't gone- mostly because it's smack in downtown Stamford, and parking in downtown Stamford is horrible!  But we were there so we went.  The food was REALLY GOOD!   And the menu was huge.  And full of traditional things I've never heard of.  I'm so used to going into a restaurant and only having a few options to choose from; having the entire menu available to me was absolutely amazing. I was boring and got something I usually get, but Rob was a little more adventurous and tried some new stuff.  And bonus!  It's Kosher so we were able to take the leftover food home!

So we finished our errands after lunch and then came home, took a nap, and I got my schedule set for tomorrow and made supper, picked up the Scrunchkin and now I'm BLOGging when I should be folding laundry.

So that was my day off.  I love days off.  Productiveness, naptime....  Do I have to go to work tomorrow??????

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