Sunday, January 02, 2011

Funny Offspring Story

I still haven't decided whether to name and picture or not name and picture my daughter. So until I make a decision, I will continue to use random nicknames.

I am still breastfeeding.  She is almost 19 months and down pretty much to one feeding a day.  No longer the complete Milk Monster she once was nursing every 2 hours....  I love breastfeeding, and she loves breastfeeding, so while it is much reduced, we still haven't given it totally up.  (Maybe another post for another day- the joys of nursing.  My absolute favorite time of day.  Anyway I digress...

So my child, being my child, is quite stubborn and is the type of kid to know exactly what she wants.  And how she wants it and when she wants it etc.  And she isn't afraid to say it.  So often, for one reason or another while breastfeeding, she decide that the side she is on isn't good enough and she wants the other side.  But if there is still milk left I don't want to switch yet so I use various ways to distract her from trying to get the other breast.  Lately I've been using her Snuggly.  (It's one of those little blanket squares with a head)  She LOVES her Snuggly.  It's her absolute favorite thing in the world.  Her love, her security blanket, her everything.  She doesn't give it up easily and may even go to college with it.  Anyway, sometimes when she stops nursing I take Snuggly and pretend breastfeed him to the side she won't take.  "Oh, ok, you're done?  Well Snuggly wants some so he'll have the rest of the milk."  She usually looks up at me and laughs like "Duh Ima, Snuggly is only a blanket with a head, he can't nurse!" and she pulls Snuggly away and then goes back to nursing on the side I want her to nurse on.

Well this morning when she was being a pain in the neck, I nursed Snuggly for a little while.  :)  But then later during breakfast, she was trying to feed Snuggly.  She put the spoon up to Snuggly's mouth (with Cheerios and milk on the spoon) and tried to get him to open up and eat it by saying "AHHHHHH"  And when he wouldn't open up for Cheerios, she tried again.  "AHHHHHHHH"  And the look on her face was like "Hey!  You drink breastmilk but you don't want Cheerios?!?!?"  It was rather cute and funny.  I know all Toddlers feed their dolls eventually, but this was the first time she initiated it and it was rather a cute sight to see her trying to feed her Snuggly some Cheerios and then not understanding why he wasn't eating them.

Oh children are so cute and funny sometimes!  I guess this is why we put up with all the tantrums.  The cute moments are totally priceless!

And that is my Offspring Story for the day.  Happy Jan 2, 2011!

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