Saturday, January 01, 2011

New Year

Another relative quickie- I am quite tired and still need to catch up on my lack of rest over the past 2 weeks of overwork and too many patients.  We spent New Years/Shabbat doing Shabbatty type things.  Went to a friend house for dinner last night.  (Rob loved the meat and I ate the veggies and we both enjoyed spending the time with friends)  We came home at about 10 and put the Schrunchkin to bed and then conked out ourselves by 10:30.  We slept in (7:30!!!!) went to shul this morning and went to another friends house this afternoon.  It was very nice to spend Shabbat afternoon with some adult conversation!  We came home, had a light supper and watched a TiVoed Sesame Street with the Schrunchkin and now are putting her to sleep so we can conk out early again ourselves.

I know I haven't made any interesting or long posts the last few days, but working the last 2 weeks in a row with many patients and little break has been tiring and I am falling asleep early lest I get sick.  Listening to a tired body now is way better than the consequences later on.  But it doesn't leave much room for thinking and writing and editing a BLOG post.  But I do enjoy this again and I am trying to find some extra time.  So even though I am very tired I am writing a short-ish post.  (Because nothing I write is ever short)

So for now a light New Years post.

2010 was pretty good.  We survived our first year (and a half) of parenting and Samantha learned to get used to and even love the kiddo also.  We saw lots of friends we hadn't seen in awhile, took a couple of short trips, went to a friends wedding, I learned a lot with my new job, Rob had his ups and downs with his job, and the Tireless Tasmanian Toddler enjoyed Day Care. (Except for that transition week from baby room to toddler room- all I can say is OY!!!!)  All in all it was a pretty good and yet busy year.  Time flies when you are having fun.  Or running after a fast moving and mischievous baby/toddler.

So what does 2011 hold?  Well, we have 4 weddings to go to so far (Od Yishama.....), we have already welcomed a new cousin into our family this morning (YAY!  and Mazel Tov!)  and we are awaiting another cousin soon! (another YAY!)   I look forward to watching my toddler grow and figure out her world and hopefully soon learn enough words to tell me why she is screaming her head off.  We are trying to maybe do some renovations to the house and hey, I have my BLOG again!  Hopefully the new year will bring more time, more family, great friends and love and all that sentimental stuff.   Oh yeah, and world peace.  That's always a good thing to hope for.  :)

So Happy 2011 all.  And on that note, I am going schluff.  Nite Nite!

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