Monday, August 30, 2004

Alaska License Plates

I Saw Alaska License Plates Today!!! Posted by Hello

Here's what Bill Bryson has to say on the subject in his book
The Lost Continent

"...Just inside the PA state line, the highway merged with Interstate 90. This is the main northernmost route across America, stretching 3,016 miles from Boston to Seattle, and there were lots of long distance travelers on it. You can always tell long distance travelers because they look as if they haven't been out of the car for weeks. You only glimpse them when they pass, but you can see that they have already started to set up home inside- there are pieces of washing hanging in the back, remnants of takeout meals on the windowsill and books, magazines, and pillows scattered around. There's always a fat woman asleep in the front passenger seat, her mouth hugely agape, and a quantity of children going crazy in the back. You and the father exchange dull but not unsympathetic looks as the two cars slide past. You glance at each other's license plates and feel envy or sympathy in proportion to your comparative distances from home. One car I saw had Alaska plates on it. This was unbelievable. I had never seen Alaska license plates before. The man must have driven over 4,500 miles, the equivalent of going from London to Zambia. He was the most forlorn-looking character I had ever seen. There was no sign of a wife and children. I expect by now he had killed them and put their bodies in the trunk..."

I was driving to work this morning, thinking hmmm I've never seen that license plate before, where is it from? And then I saw it, and well, I just started to laugh.

On another note, Bill Bryson is the author of many travel based books, Rob and I are reading this one together. One we have previously read,
A Walk in the Woods, I HIGHLY recommend. It is HYSTERICALLY FUNNY!

WHOO HOO for Bill Bryson!

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