Tuesday, August 31, 2004


Today I stepped in POOP. Not dog poop, not bird poop. I'm not that lucky. Today, I stepped in HUMAN POOP. I stepped in MY PATIENT'S POOP.


The man was NUTSO, he was disoriented and confused, he has a loooong history of alcoholism, therefore his balance was bad. But he was walking with the walker and doing pretty well. I was impressed, considering the last time I saw him he was still detoxing and doing pretty badly. But today wasn't so bad.

UNFORTUNATELY... he was also incontinent. VEEEEEERY incontinent. He didn't even know he was pooping, he didn't know he had pooped. And I stepped in it. ICKY!!!!

And then I had to get him into the bathroom so he could finish pooping, and THEN I had to disinfect my shoes. Which means I had to walk around in my socks for awhile. NOT a fun thing to do in the hospital.

I felt PRETTY ICKY for awhile. Though I suppose I'm lucky I didn't get it on my pants.

So tell me, why is it that I love my job???

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Anonymous said...

You love your job because for you helping people is greater than steping in human poo.