Tuesday, February 15, 2005


Today, Rob attacked me with SQUISHES before I left for work. YAY for Rob attacking me with SQUISHES!! I like that. Even if it makes it a bit hard to breathe.

Today, an old friend from college called me while I was driving to work to tell me that he was in the car in front of me. He looked back in his rear view mirror and saw me in the car behind him. HOW WEIRD!! I haven't spoken with him in AGES! Really strange and kinda cool.

Today, I stopped in the midst of climbing the stairs to go to see my next patient on the 10th floor and once again realized, HEY!!! This is WORK!!! They PAY me to do this! COOL!!!! I love that. Once again, in a random way I realize I'm so lucky to have a job I enjoy.

Today, I saw alllllll the burn patients on the unit except for one who isn't on program. (hand burn) Today, the Burn Unit is capital FULL. Which means today, the Burn Unit is CRAZY! Today, an older patient on the Burn Unit asked me if I had a hot date tonight, and if not, he would step in. :) How cute is he!?!?!

Today, there was WAY too much chocolate at the hospital. Today, I told myself I really need to control myself around chocolate, because today I realize how addicted to chocolate I am. BTW, if I eat equal amounts of dark and white chocolate, is that a balanced diet??

Today, One of the OT's found out she passed her boards, and now we have another OT! YAY! Can we get another PT too?? And she got flowers at work from her boyfriend because of it. How sickeningly sweet!

Today, the sunset was beautiful. And it shone in my eyes the WHOLE way home. But I wouldn't have had it any other way. I got to look upon a gorgeous pink and red and orange sky all the way home.

Today, I had a strange supper. Moroccan Carrot Salad on a sandwich with mayo. REALLY strange and yet YUMMY at the same time.

Today, I registered for the ABA Burn Conference in Chicago in May. YAY! A whole week of the Burn Conference. I didn't get into all of the symposia I wanted to because I'm registering a little late but it's ok. It'll be a great learning experience anyway, a ton of rehab stuff, AND it's all expenses paid. I just have to put it all on my card and they'll pay it back. TEE HEE!! So I registered for the conference and booked a flight. Didn't do the hotel yet, but I have to check and see who I'm rooming with and if she booked a room yet. I don't want to double book anything. But the cool thing is that I gave myself enough time the day before and the day after the conference to sightsee around Chicago. The conference starts early Tuesday morning so I'm leaving Monday morning and I have most of Monday to hang around. And then it ends late Friday night and I'm not leaving until Sunday so I have time Saturday to explore some more. :) TEE HEE!!! Anyone have any good sights to see in Chicago in May??

Today, it's been perty good so far. Yay for Today! Hopefully Tomorrow will be just as good.

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