Monday, October 24, 2005

Semi Long Time No BLOG

It's been a bit of time since I've posted, but I haven't really had a ton of time, nor energy to write this past week to 2 weeks.

Rob and I went up to Vermont last last Wednesday, the morning of erev Yom Kippur. We stayed for a week and came home this past Wednesday. It was an ok vacation. Not completely horrible, but not really so great. It rained EVERY DAY we were there. So that eliminated a lot of what we wanted to do, hiking, walking, and all that outdoorsy stuff. PLUS I got sick. On Yom Kippur morning I woke up with a cold. I was congested, sore throat, fever the works. I was pretty miserable, and hungry to boot. I tried to go to shul, but about an hour and a half into it, Rob had to take me home. Which, up there, to me anyway, is a big deal because home is about a 20 or so minute drive away from shul. Which means he missed about an hour of the services. It was pretty great of him to take me home. I basically slept all day and missed shul. I still managed to fast, but I feel like I missed out on Yom Kippur, I missed on the intensity of the day, the prayer and repentance and all that. It was a weird kind of day.

So basically I was sick for most of the vacation. We managed to do little things, we went shopping for a couple of hours in Manchester on Friday, we went to shul on Shabbat, a bit of a drive on Sunday, (that was actually really nice on this little used closed in the winter road through the woods, with all the foliage etc.) (Note the foiliage in general wasn't so great, a combination of tent catipillar infestation, a too dry summer and a too wet fall made it mediocre, mostly rusty yellow and orange or brown. There ware some areas off nice trees, but not many.) We went for shul on Sukkot, spent Tuesday afternoon after shul with some friends from shul, etc etc etc. Monday I was feeling well enough to take a trip up to the Burlington area. Except we slept a lot later than we meant to and didn't get to see much of what we wanted to. We hit traffic on the way up, and we got to the VT Teddy Bear Factory, about 10 minutes after a tour through the factory started and the next one wasn't for about an hour. We didn't want to wait an hour, especially since we alrealy felt so rushed. So we wandered around the gift shopa bit and then left for Ben and Jerry's, skipping seeing downtown Burlington. We went on the factory tour which was pretty cool, and ate ice cream which ALWAYS makes me happy. But by that time it was getting late and we wanted to go and visit some friends but we realized we had to be in shul earlier than we thought originally and we didn't have time. So we just went home, a bit disappointed at our day, all that drive and we only got to do one and a half of the four things we wanted to do. We did see a REALLY cool waterfall on the way home. On VT route 100, Moss Glenn Falls. It was ROARING because of all the rain we had had. Rob took a bunch of cool pics, hopefully he'll post them up on his BLOG soon, if not I'll get them and post them here.

And that was my vacation. Little trips out of the house, but mostly sitting at home, sick, in the rain. It wasn't completely horrible, I got to play with the dogs, and I watched more tv than usual, and I read almost 2 books. Oh Yeah and I got A LOT of sleep. :) Kind of unfortunate but oh well, not horrible but not what I expected. Rob was glad he'd proposed the week before, if he had waited like he planned it wouldn't have worked out verry well. Carie???.... Sorry to wake you, I know you're sick, but will you marry me? That wouldn't have been as special, though kind of funny. :) I WAS feeling a bit betterer by Sukkot though. I'm glad because it's one of my favorite holidays. I love the Sukkaah, I love all the earthy qualities of the holiday, I love the community aspect of it, eating outside with community and friends. Pretty cool beans. :)

When I got home I was feeling mostly better, went to work Thursday, and got a flu shot. I ASKED them if it was ok, because I was just sick. They said it was fine, it wouldn't effect me etc. I wasn't going to be at work on any of the other days they were giving the shot. So I got it. And by Saturday morning I was sick again. Had to call out sick from work on Saturday. I felt SO BAD but I could barely spend time OOB I was feeling so yicky. But I was able to drag myself up yesterday and went to work and dragged myself there.

And now I'm off. For the next four days. YAY! I have 4 days off for Simchat Torah, the end of Sukkot and a ton of fun. We WERE going to VT, but it would have involved a LOT of driving for 2 days or so, and I'm not feeling my best so we decided to stay home and celebrate here. It'll be nice to go to shul here. Rob went this Shabbat without me, and everyone was so excited about our engagement and I missed it. Rob said the Rabbi wanted to sing for us but I wasn't there so he didn't because singing for one person doesn't count. :)

And that's that. That's my last however long it's been since I've last BLOGged. And this post is long enough so I'll write some funny little anecdote soon instead of boring I did this this and this.

Oh yeah, and this will get ya smiling. Well it gets ME smiling anyway... I'M GETTING MARRIED!!!! YAY!!!!!

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