Monday, October 10, 2005

Sparkly Sparkly

I keep looking at my left hand and I keep getting surprised at the sparkle that's there. It's SO weird! REALLY AWESOME, but SO weird all at the same time. I'm totally not used to it being there. And I'm a lefty so it keeps getting in the way so to speak. I notice it when I'm writing, or doing anything with my hands, even something as simple as putting on gloves at work or hand mixing pie crust dough. I keep forgetting it's there until it gets caught and then I'm reminded, I'M GETTING MARRIED!

Everyone has been so much fun in their reactions. My family has been awesome, happy and excited... My co workers were great. I told one, and she yelled out "SHUT UP!!!" and then proceeded to JUMP on me in the parking lot. Everyone was all exited, one was so excited for me, she hugged me like 6 times, and you could see the light in her eyes for me, like she was my surrogate mother or something. And she was all proud of herself that she remembered to say "Mazel Tov" instead of congrats. One of my patients who I've been following (I've been covering on the rehab unit for the past few weeks) keeps telling all her visitors to ask me about my news. She's so cute. She's a nurse at the hospital, has been forever, and she always has TONS of visitors. She's Jewish, and we've bonded about the holidays and engagements and Jewish traditional weddings, and she's so sweet. I've gotten hugs and mazel tovs and shana tovas from her. She's great. One of my fave patients at the moment.

I'm so in awe of the situation. I always try NOT to be the center of attention, I get all flustered and embarrassed and jsut want to blend into a corner most times. And now I'm getting all this attention as a future bride, and it'll only get more and more as the day approaches, and I'm so not used to it. I'm just so excited, not only to be the bride and all that but I'm so excited to know that I get to spend the rest of forever with Rob. The ring on my finger while just a symbol, means SO MUCH to me. It's one of the only "girly" things I've wanted in my life. (The other is the wedding gown) So to know it's there and see it, and watch it sparkle (And BOY does it sparkle) just gives me the warm fuzzies inside, and I'm filled with such happiness, sometime I feel like I'm going to explode with it. YES I know I'm being cheesy now, but I've been glowing all week, I haven't been able to stop smiling, I can't not look at my ring every minute, can't stop playing with it, just amazed that it's there.
I totally love the ring, it's so simple, just the one stone, but it's so pretty and classy and just wonderful. I love the ring itself and I love what it represents and I'm just still amazed and flabbergasted and HAPPY!!! Like I said, it keeps catching me by surprise and I get that warm fuzzy feeling again. And it's SO WEIRD to be introduced as a fiance, and to call Rob my fiance, I keep having to correct myself from saying my boyfriend. It's SO WEIRD!!!

And with that, I'll not repeat myself YET again because I don't think I'm making sense anymore. But it's all I've been thinking about all week, so that's what I'm BLOGging about.

TEE HEE!!! YAY for Sparkly Sparkly rings and Sparkly Sparkly love!!!


Aldon Hynes said...


You don't know me, at least I don't think you know me. I'm a blogger and I live in Stamford. I try to read as many blogs of other people in Stamford and the rest of Connecticut as I can.

I've really enjoyed reading your blog. I've particularly enjoyed some of the stuff you've written about physical therapy. You have a great blog.

However, I have greatly enjoyed your posts about your engagement. Congratulations to you and Rob. My best wishes to you and to your fiance.

HSL said...

We are so excited for you Carie. Your happiness is our happiness. May all your dreams come true!